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Madison, WI

Manager: Greg Schlickman
2223 Darwin Road
Madison, WI 53714

Syracuse, NY

Manager: Bill Whitehouse
1 LePage Place, Bldg B
Syracuse, NY 13206

Boston, MA

Laundry Manager: Al Amaral
710 State Rd
No.Dartmouth, MA 02747

Boulder, CO

Manager: Mike Ellwood
2300 Central Ave Ste I
Boulder, CO 80301

Boston, MA

Storage Manager: Kevin Bradford
32 Scotland Blvd Unit 5
Bridgewater, MA 02324

Wilmington, DE

Manager: Rob Johnson
2860 Old Ogletown Rd Bld 6 U3
Newark, DE 19713

Chicago, IL

Manager: Rob Uria
3501 W. Howard
Skokie, IL 60076
Our testimonials
"Lazybones is amazing, I no longer worry about laundry, and they can even handle my dry cleaning! I love Lazybones!"
Megan Shea, Boston Residential customer


Room to Room (or door to door service). No extra fees to keep your hands clean.


We service the entire campus.
Most dormitories have a front desk for drop off and pickup.

Storage Process

Our storage service mapped into simple steps.

Laundry Process

Our laundry service mapped into simple steps.

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